20 October 2008

Body of Lies

The movie, directed by Ridley Scott (based on the novel by David Ignatius) is a knock out. Action, political intrigue and human nature collide in the Middle East with Leonardo Cappuccino (ok, diCaprio, sorry I still don't forgive him for Titanic) as the CIA operative looking for the Big Fat Terrorist. The drama moves from Iraq to Jordan and here's where it all came back again. Palestinian refugee camp, market places, dust, garbage burning, tiled houses... immaculately dressed Jordanian intelligence officials (maybe not quite that).

Fat Arsed Russel Crowe berates Cappucino for wanting to stay on there "to get sunburnt and eat cous cous."
Something compels Cappucino to stay on and I don't think it's just a pretty nurse. There's some kind of primal magnet there, dragging humans back to their birthplace. To where civilization began and will probably end.

Thu, 23 Oct 2003 02:44:21 +1000

right now it is 6:20pm and the muslims are singing in their towers as usual, it's an inferno of heat here, must be this room. when you look out past the houses of el eizriya which is really like a small town close to jerusalem there is just desert and you can imagine ali baba flying around on his magic carpet. i got a heart attack today, you know how i have to write that huge essay for uni? well anyway i was doing some research in my room reading all these interviews with palestinians who had been attacked last year during israeli incursions into jenin when i heard what sounded like gun shots right outside my window, i counted the blasts and there was six... argh, i will just tell myself it was a car backfiring or something. you see guns everday here, mostly the soldiers who carry uzis (a lot of them are russians, they have brought over russian snipers). so today i did all the laundry for the 14 kids who live here and then i washed the nun's cars and swept up the balconies and stair cases and ironed a million shirts. there's an american chick here, she's 22 and she is staying in the room across from me but i don't know what the deal is yet but she's more like a guest than a helper, so while i slaved away she was on the internet and reading her books about norse mythology. but that's cool, she's a nice girl anyway.

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