10 October 2008

In the Ring 2

In the red corner is Ida Maria, the brunette bangs to the platinum wiglet bangs of Lady Gaga. Norwegian-born and rock solid, with Grunhilde-type arms that could lug a Steinkrug over the likes of our little New Yorker and swing a full bodied jazz guitar straight into teeny-limbed Miss Disco Stick. And with her honest, cigarette-smoking, flawed English she still writes more convincingly than the 'Just Dance' abomination. (I must admit here that my imaginary ring-fight between two very different female performers is silly- how long can I keep up this charade?)

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked-(http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=cySmUjQB05I) is like a catchy preteen movie 'make-over track' (picture squealing 12 year olds discovering Nad's hair removal cream and being more Lolita than a roomful of Bill Henson photos). Here I can't work out if Ida looks more like the sublime Anna Karina of Jean Luc Godard films or the Vicar of Dibley, Dawn French.

Vicar what??


I would like to say anyone can write bitchy little nothingness. I know nothing of these people. Pop culture is trash kids. Go read Webster's Dictionary followed by the complete print-edition Encyclopedia Britannica (circa 1967). Put. Down. That. Cheap. Magazine.

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