10 October 2008

Le-olam (shake up)

Walking outside; it's a Jerusalem kind of night, leaving the fridge-buzz and television drone, out into warm air. Cyprus trees framing the front doors to our apartments, slightly cooler garden environs and the streets are fire cracker, singing, star spangled all Lulavim and Etrogim signs selling. Which I just figured out why- it's the Jewish festival season Sukkot. Sukkahs and Schach all decorated in tinsel and plastic fruit. There's a house, a two-storey Deco where the faithful adherents stomp and sing not altogether in tune and I'm taken back to the Gethsemane Garden years ago where I spent a kind of Sabbatical of my own. Up on a hill -we were looking down at the Dome of the Rock Mosque as night fell. Dust laden blue skies. Singing again, an Arab wedding in Al Quds. Jerusalim old city, walled and divided into Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian quarters. Running round and round at night after a service at the Holy Sepulchre...
My knuckles are grazed from a fence and kind of bleeding. It's a Jameson and dry night. Floating. Funny town by the sea here. Italian groceries, Bagelries, Anglican churches, Russian bakeries where you can buy Napoleon cakes and Moskovski khleb. Down the street, Anglos celebrate the end of a week at work drinking at bars with friends, coffees in cafes that put the chairs up on the tables tactfully, they wave at yellow cabs and go home to outlying suburbs.

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