19 September 2009

bu-bye winter

POST 2009
16 September to 10 October

Worth checking out this exhibition til the 10th Oct, it's a kind of collaborative exhibition. Well, a bunch of emerging artists were sent an Australia Post package to fill/create/and nut over. My cousin Serge and his fiancee have come up with a magical floating parcel from Wandaland (it levitates by magnetic power).

Relocating a whole store, torrential spring rain, ran out into the street this evening with a giant man-size umbrella which naturally flipped inside-out. I danced a little bit with this bummed out umbrella to make my boss laugh. Work has been such a massive shit fight, just need to laugh at something. But bu-bye winter no more woolly hats I hope. Thinking of moving to Europe in a year, I love Melbourne but it's boring like the US, eat eat shop stay numb get fat get medicated die in your paid-off mortgage. enjoy your slavery to the Reserve Bank feed the Rothschild fortune watch the environment die... no habitat is permanent (watching The Baader Meinhof Complex)

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