09 September 2009


I have three sisters:
We liked to invent languages, for instance we would write english words in cyrillic. it's impossible to get the depth of the million vowels of English in Russian transliteration - (fAHk u dYik-HaireD). Nabokov is a better expert on this. Also we played a game called "the writing game" where we'd each get a piece of paper and write:

1. a boy's name (cover and pass on)
2. a girl's name (cover and pass on + continue to do so after each turn writing)
3. where they met
4. what he said
5. what she said
6. what he did
7. what she did
8. what happened in the end

the aim of the game was not to write the most snivelling romantic story. no siree. the aim of the game was to make fun of people and their personal quirks. As daughters of a preacher man we had a rich pool of cranky babushkas, bejewelled spinsters, unwashed musicians, genius/and or overly adored children and "stage moms" to choose from. It would be all the more hilarious because our writings would be mashed into obscene constructions through passing it along.


Anastasia said...

I love the writing game!! It was sooo much fun and been too long since we last did it! We are so going to play it like a million times when I come to Melbourne in January...hahahaha

Love ya Warwara

Varia said...

You better come to my pad, I'll get a few days off! We need to reunite the sisterhood for the writing game. I propose a dinner at En Izakaya across the road from me (it's the best) and after a few shochyus we'll come up with some golden moments xx and don't call me Warwara. Seriously!

tsheko said...

I can't think of the unwashed musician.

Varia Karipoff said...

it's an amalgam of characters i guess. unwashed guy was a backpacker from russia who was thinking of becoming a monk. I'd have to stand 4 metres away from him to converse. he lived with us for a bit in autumn of 2001.
think the archetype of the crazy musician will always stick for me too.