23 November 2009

First Love

Phillip Island is close to Melbourne's soul. The size of Malta (apparently), it's mostly known for penguins, Australian fur seals, Japanese tourists and of course, surfing. While one part of the island has gentle lapping waves (perfect for bobbing around in a little inflatable boat), the other has the kind of windswept cliffs and barrelling cold surf that hardens our grommets.
Claire Gorman is a cinematographer and director from Phillip Island who heard whispers about three young surfers with loads of promise.  Gorman's film, First Love follows India Payne, Nikki van Dijk and Jess Laing, as they tour the Victorian surf comps before heading to tropical Hawaii to test their mettle.

I spoke to Clare Plueckhahn, still photographer and producer for First Love as the Hawaii part of the filming began.

1. What the hell? the girls, India, Jess and that are 13? and you are living in a house with them? Tell me a bit about that..

So two of the girls are 14 and the other is 17. We are staying at the moment with Nikki van Dijk and family @ Sunset Beach. It sort of reminds me of being on a family holiday. Including all the sibling arguments. 

2. So they're like in year 7 or 8 and they are going on this massive adventure?

I know. I am trying to remember what I was doing at that age and all I can think about is hanging out at Westfield, riding my bike to get slurpies and having sleepovers. 

3. Ok I am finally over the fact that they are nearly half our age. How did y'all find them?

Claire Gorman from Liquid Pictures lives at Phillip Island so being a small town, when there are 3 girls ripping it up in the surfing world everybody knows about it. 

4. Whose idea was it to make the movie and why?

It was originally Claire Gormans idea. Claire was sick of the lack of girl surfing movies out there so decided it was time to make one of her own. The name First Love came from the idea that surfing is like your first love, it never leaves you.  

5. When did you start filming? Did you initially get financial backing to make it or did you go out on a limb?

Claire started filming in March and I came into the picture around June. Although we originally went out on a limb to make the film happen, we now have a few companies sponsoring us. Gaining sponsorship is almost a job in it-self, so when Fran started working on the film in August, her marketing know-how definitely gave us a leg up. 

6. What is different about this surf film to other surf flicks?

It actually has an interesting storyline. It's not just another surfing film full of music clips. Plus it's a girl's surfing movie which is a first for Australia.   

7. why will your average joe blogg want to watch this?

Stunning imagery and an intriguing lifestlye....
People are always curious about other people lives. 

8. what do the girls hope to achieve in hawaii?

Hawaii has always been seen as a bit of a proving ground for surfers. The girls from First Love decided to come to Hawaii to see how they could handle the waves and also see some of the Triple Crown. 

9. what has been the hardest part of making this film happen?

Getting funded and working around the surfers schedules. It has also been hard balancing act working on this project and my photography business. 

10. would you date a puppet?

Hahaha. Sooty is kinda cool. I like the silent types. 

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