09 April 2009

out of the closet

What is there to do on Easter holidays in the city? Why, prepare for winter by handwashing shite loads of warm clothes + old faithfuls and rearranging the wardrobe for the new season, of course. Down to the junk store I ran for some wooden coat hangers. Out to the leather man I ran to see if he could redye a jacket (yes, anything is possible if you have a king's ransome.) Guess the jacket is staying British racing green.

During the course of this (throwing out old punky clothes) I had a mini pre-midlife crisis; how do we dress our age in our mid twenties? I'm not old enough for the monotone, layers and orthopedic kumfs. Or the crazy cat lady who takes inspiration from the colour palette of exotic bird life. I am old enough, however, to know what clothes are bought in China, roughed up, detagged and shipped to Australia to sell at purveyors of 'vintage' clothing. I don't like 'street'. Viscose doesn't thrill me. I don't work corporate.... What to do?
Inspired by style matriarch Maggie Alderson's rules of thumb, I took a turn down Chapel Street scoured multitude stores, bumped into Teresa Liano and came up with a few alternatives.

T.L Wood http://tlwoodaustralia.com/ structured, classic, quality. A Melbourne classic. I tried on every little black dress here helped by the designer (she was super- I invited her to come visit us at Duff's cafe). I figure the price of my dream dress is around 3 cheapish dresses that you'd wear for one season. Invest in one good one to take you through the years.?!

http://www.manningcartell.com.au/ is beautifully realised clothing by the Manning sisters. Hello Black Widow Lace dress. I was very impressed with their show at LMFF.

http://www.arnsdorf.com.au/ ah Arnsdof. Designer Jade Sarita Anrnott got a few items into this month's Vogue modelled by the sublime Abby Lee Kershaw. There's lots of lovely 'boy' shirts, blousey dresses slim jeans. I especially am fond of stone/bone this year.

Duff is currently looking through our kenwood mixer instruction manual, amazed at its ability to julienne carrots. Ah tomorrow (Good Friday= city in lockdown) is going to be a joy!