20 September 2009

denmark> france> germany

So the proverbial fork in the road. I've tried to make it work here, I love it because it's my home by the sea and I will always come back. I've talked to other people about it, a little too sensitive people like me (we always choose who we talk to so that we get the opinion that we want) - belonging is one thing and then there's all these thoughts, is there more?

My top three countries to move to:

- I've decided to follow Jen and Paul, a young Hitler Jungend-esque couple from Austria who have moved to Copenhagen
Lots of photos of bicycles (i like- I don't drive and detest motor vehicles)
"But being here in Copenhagen now for about 2 months, it is so worth it! What is a small space compared to what you gain from living in the middle of the city, but also having enough green space and water to relax, go swimming, have a glass of wine at the canals…"

In short: I'm warming to Denmark. Efficient, climate-focused, good dressers.

Bonus points- The princess of Denmark is none other than Tasmanian-born, Mary Elizabeth Donaldson.

France - I am editing a manuscript about a fellow classmate's year in Paris, he claims there is still a lot of (passive) racism and forget trying to crack the French job market. I've read Almost French (Sarah Turnbull an Aussie freelance writer) and it sort of scared me.
In short: a baguette carrying nation with a similar psychological make up to (older) cultured Russians.
Bonus points - Aunty Lou Lou lives there


one word, Berlin...

The Rudi Marie Cafe in Reuterkiez, an emerging boho area near the Kreuzberg section of Berlin. (courtesy, New York Times) Every week, another layer of awesomeness is spread thickly over this city - like the icing on a good slice of mille-feuille.