26 October 2009

Zines, Readings and Blogs

I have a new addiction; zines. I write for a few, I buy a tonne and I pass on some more. The first time around at school my friend Ivana and I would hang out at Missing Link record store and pore over them for hours. Afterwards we'd go to Pepperonis and get 2 slices of pizza at one dollar each, then head across to coles for 90 cent drinks. We'd sit outside like old Greek men outside the zaharaplasteion reading our zines and papers over cans of coke. We promised to rebel when the drinks went up to one dollar. Would you believe, the drinks went up to $1.40 overnight? Outrage. So I was thinking of self-publishing, why not? Musicians do it all the time. For some reason writers feel they need to be validated by the publishing industry.
errm. And readings, good fun. Went along to Read You Bastards at the Empress Hotel in North Carlton. Really well-organised, great performances, some naive, some polished, some lesbian menstrual rant-style,(not really). There is some amazing writing talent coming out of Melbourne right now and it's giving me the warm and fuzzies being surrounded by it.

and lastly before I dash off to work. Blogs! Read more blogs. Read more everything.... you bloody bastards