24 February 2010

How to keep stylin' during your pregnancy

This isn't some tabloid BS about yummy mummies or amazing post-partum figures. I'm just sharing some things I am learning about looking after myself during the long months of pregnancy.
I'm 26, a Melburnian, a student and a freelance writer. In my circle of friends there is one other lovely lady having a baby - I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who is (or considering becoming) pregnant and doesn't have an overabundance of mates in the same boat.


I come from the Bob Geldof school of hair - that is, genetically predisposed to looking seriously unkempt even when I try. Kind of. All that vomitting in the first trimester can leech the protein goodness out of hair. Pregnancy can make your hair go either way - "gawjus" ie. shiny and luscious or dry and brittle aka a shit fight. What is guaranteed is that it will get thicker.

What I recommend: 

for a shampoo free from all those chemical nasties like sulfates, parabens and artificial stuff, try Nourish (from health food shops). It comes in formulas for every perceivable hair type (dry, dyed red hair, natural blonde... seriously) and works better than that sodium lauryl sulphate paint stripper that is normal supermarket quality shampoo.
Kerastase products are a pretty sure bet too and you might relent and purchase some of their magic potions to sort your tresses out.

Get a hair cut with a treatment. What's not to love about being pampered for an hour? And before you walk out that door make another appointment for 8 weeks time. As my lovely hairdresser said today, "When you look after hair, it looks after you." Yes, fetch me a cup of tea, hair.

Boobs: or norks as we called them in high school.

By about 3 months your boobs will probably outgrow your old bras. You'll have fabulously big, sore-ass breastini which will be getting unwanted attention.

What to do:

Maternity bras can be scary looking. They have these clasps which undo so you can flop down the cup fabric and feed your bambino when it arrives. Your partner may think this is an amusing toy for a while, much to your mounting annoyance and feelings of unattractiveness. Thank goodness not all of them are like this (bras I mean).  Elle "The Body" McPherson has some comfy and non-threatening ones. The main thing is to try to avoid underwire for the time being, especially if you are hoping to breastfeed. You'll actually love maternity bras. They are amazingly snuggly and comfortable and sturdy. Some are even... dare I say it, sexy.
If your boobs are annoying you at night, throw on a cotton crop top bra (or sports bra) - Cotton On Body sells fun cheapies to keep your goods together.

Schepping around pants: 

I'm not a fan of trackie dacks (sweat pants). They're pretty hideous in fact. But on your down time at home you need that comfy love that only the trackies are capable of.
Enter "jogging pants," or what was known a few seasons ago as "the poo catcher" or "harem pant." Jogging pants can be worn with pink stilettos and a eurotrash-tastic tshirt, or maybe, just... whatever you like...

more later!

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