30 April 2010

Babooshka!!!! YAAAYAAAA!

Memories of working at a Russian doll shop. 

All the faces - unblinking and dark-eyed, stare back from the glass shelves. The spotlights swathe the figures in a too-close warmth, the bodies swagger and huddle. Was this store always so red? Garish flashes of paint and lacquer form lips on dolls' faces, posies of flowers, lace; artistic flourish dissolves into a curl of opium smoke or the shaved linden wood discarded at artisans' feet. Firebirds cavort on aprons, horses with muscular necks curved like swans' snort and stamp on reflective black surfaces, glossy as frozen lakes. A Persian princess sips chai from a samovar. The Russian dolls clamour around like a red army, staring, unbreathing with their dark eyes. 

26 April 2010


Back from travels,
shoes still unpacked all over a floor already littered with tickets and odd socks.
 Back from curving mountain roads where Balkan women hold their dead husbands
 as their children bleed life.
I walked in, pregnant and smiling like a knife to the chest for grieving dears.
I'm back from where sirens are silenced by the inkiness of night.
Where the river has not flowed for several years now and the yellow poplars stand sentinel
and I sleep, sleep
on the smooth pebbles in the sun with my child curled up inside me.

12 April 2010

Mainstreams and Side streets (a zine)

I am taking the plunge and creating a zine :

Issue 1 will focus on Starlets. Marlene Deitrich? Bacall? There's just something about them
I'll be looking at Bafta winner Carey Mulligan and my new favourite gal, Tamara Toumanova.
In the science section I will delve into research on Locust Swarms and wind forces. Riveting shit.
There'll be a map of Cambodia and Vietnam from a Soviet rip-off of National Geographic (it's called GLOBUS) 1971 (the map is illustrated and quite poignant. Leave our fellow commies alone!)
and perhaps I'll throw in a poem or two and some pictures I drawed.

I must have something to do while I'm in the bush for 6 days (no electricity, no phone lines)...with only paper, pencils and a glue stick for entertainment.

My international readers will be able to also have a copy of this zine if they so wish. It comes in a red envelope.

11 April 2010

The Incredible Lightness of Being

Tamara Toumanova, Siberian born Georgian ballerina (and she starred alongside Paul Newman in a Hitchcock movie), dancing on a beach in Sydney.