18 November 2010

Day 12- Stuck in transit - Artzines, Digitalisation of the Nation

The reason why I thought Andrei will be back on Friday may be more profound than mere absent mindedness. After heading to the wrong airport, he made it to the right one (in a speeding cab) only to be stuck in transit, followed by a five hour delay. One missed connection - equals a day spent in a dingy hotel room and a day late coming home. Oh the dramas of international travel.
So here is my TWELFTH DAY.

 Ed Ruscha | 2009

The artist book. These guys are devoted to the cause. There it is. Sigh of relief. 
Books and art are the only two things I really hoard. And postcards. Mix them together and you get brilliantness. I don't really care for the super inventive either. When I get my sweaty paws on an artists book, I   like to have text and pictures in the format of a poet's personal diary. Don't need to make Escher-esque or some kind of complicated architectural construct of old-growth forests pummelled into Japanese kimono prints with abstract typography. . 
I'd take PinCushion Pete's literally bloody drawings over that. The guy is a cockney nut job but there is no denying he writes well.
Pete Doherty

I love William Blake. My first real experience of English poetry was Blake, to see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. This is an Arts Council (England) collaborative work. The future of books may be here.  

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