14 November 2010

Day 9 ---- dedicated to emerging artists

I hate the term emerging artist. Really, you have to earn that strange chestnut of a title with a lot of blood-letting, rejection, sleeplessness, organ selling, prostitution, shit jobs, brown-nosing, flirting with buyers, anguish, doubt, parental disapproval, bullshitting, self-delusion... and in the end you are flavour of the month for three minutes (the average duration of both the art world's attention span and ... well...say a champagne-imbued emerging artist's personal triumph after a well-received solo show.)
Some, like the guys at Phaidon try to nail down the zippity zeitgeist with its publication Creamier -
you can bet the minute you place it strategically on your coffee table it becomes irrelevant.
Whatever you do. Don't stop being you. Make Art. Make it interesting.

Oh yes and if you have facebook and 30 seconds to spare, vote for me to go overseas and blog for Channel V. Search for Varia. Yes, that's me in the funny hat, slightly askew.



great post. A relief after a day of writing proposals and grant applications. R

Varia Karipoff said...

heh. I write those for other people. It doesn't ever get easier, I tell you that much.