24 March 2010

2:10pm on a quiet too-warm Thursday in late March

(image from Parasol Magazine)

Reading Evgeny Onegin, well namely, Tatiana's letter to Onegin.(here in English) to le foetus in utero aka my bubi. I want Russian to be her first language. I couldn't find a good children's story in the house and Pushkin just has a lilt that reads like the very essence of our desire to make language. I should be reading folklore and fairy tales instead of love gone wrong in prose... but no mother is perfect.

Learning the road rules
I am going for my learner permit. I know, hell should be freezing over already. My sister (one year older) has been driving for 12 years. What can I say? I am a late bloomer.

just finished my journalism assignment (literary non-fiction). I missed out on having my story looked over in class so now I have to kind of wing this. eek.
and am now working on a big fat short story which is huffing along, getting a structural overhaul and writhing with life and anguish.
Stay tuned.