31 May 2010

Hello gorgeous

Duff's parents dropped a bombshell. "Guys, we know you have a baby coming and all of that but don't give up on your dreams. We don't want you working shit jobs to pay rent and buy nappies. Go abroad next year."
So we thought about it.
and pretty much, two tears in a bucket, let's go to Japan. Kyoto or Shigaraki, something like that, working on contacts.

Still a LOT to sort out but, I suppose transience is the way of the artist.
 I love love love Duff's ceramics and he will learn so much from Japanese potters. I started writing this short story and my teach. told me to keep going with it - I do think I have a novel in me. Perhaps this is a Paullina Simons thing, babies and pregnancy bring out words and books. I love my baby already.