16 July 2010


woollen cardies, hot tea, cool blue skies, silhouettes of trees

Best things about a dreary winter in the city

1. Melbourne International Film Festival - 
My pick? Deeper than yesterday a short film by recent VCA graduate Ariel Kleiman, it was one of only 2 Aussie films chosen for Cannes this year where it scored a prix. What's long, hard and full of seamen? Set on a Russian submarine, the trailer promises Slavic hot bloodedness, skinny guys in tightie whities and some even tighter acting.
Running in the Accelerator 1 program Saturday 31 July.

2. Reading. I like to head to the The State Library in my best nerd getup. There's always something to see and do. I like to breathe in the old tomes... mmm sexy.

3. Stay indoors and get crafty. Nikki Gabriel takes the nonna out of knitting with her high fashion patterns. I was the victim of many a Patton's pattern - my mum loved to dress my sister and me in matching outfits. Looking back though, wool is cool.

Bring back high tea, Devonshire Tea, a cup of Lipton with your best mate. Get to know your tea cups and read tea leaves. Get a samovar. Read stories while drinking tea in the misty cold, rugged up like Catherine on the moors. 
Go to a country town and sample their home made cakes and tea.

enjoy hibernating!
xx Varia