19 July 2010

record covers, made in the ussr

Monday nights suck. My husband is shooting Nazi Zombies on the Xbox and is about to cop a swift one to the side of the head from yours truly. I got real bored and started flipping through old records at home - I was duly impressed with some of the artwork on old Soviet record sleeves.

P. Tchaikovsky
Dances from the ballet,  
Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Conductor Y. Fayer

Voronezh Russian Folk Chorus
soloist M. Mordasova

The Cat's House
Story by S. Marshak, Music N. Aleksandrov

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils with Wild Geese
Selma Lagerlöf 

Voices of Birds in The Nature
(translation found in cover...) 
(a five lp set- first record - Birds of the Far East)