06 November 2010

Twelve days of contemporary art

Alex Prager, Wendy, 2009, chromogenic print. From the series "Week-end." 

The premise is this, for every one of the twelve days my husband is in X'ian and Shanghai I will explore the works of a contemporary artist. Please feel free to suggest someone. Criticise or correct. I'm just thinking out aloud here. 

Day 1

Alex Prager, born in 1979 in the back room of her grandma's Los Feliz, CA apartment, is a self-taught, high school drop out whose photographic work featured  in this year's "New Photographers" exhibition at NY's Museum of Modern Art. Easy on the eye herself, her images depict heroines of despair and situations that exist in celluloid - a kind of shiny thread of angst and lust binding her series. The manner in which every image is contrived opts for maximum drama, desire, slight incredulity and a recalling of a past we all think we know but never existed. The candy '60s colours remind me of TV series Mad Men. Prager has slipped herself carefully into the stream of today's anxiety - the youngish art set, through misplaced nostalgia appropriate vintage dressing, imagery and objects d'art while living very squarely in the digital age.