24 March 2011

Coffee with Alyosha

I dragged my brother shopping today, he's good in that way. He's not good at finding things in BigW.
- ah Varia, where do they keep their office paper?
- turn your head to the right, yep. the shelf right next to you.

That's ok. I asked who Ke$ha was in the supermarket checkout after spotting her on the cover of a magazine. Alyosha obliged with the chorus of one of her songs. The lady in front of us, with grizzled grey hair, a raincoat that looked lived in and her face a bit skint on teeth, turned around and started singing also. 

a little porcelain fox I bought for my daughter, from a junk shop in Clunes

We had coffee at Gloria Jeans. This is suburbia after all. He asked why I hadn't updated my blog in a while and told me which stories he liked. I told him to start his own blog about music. So Alyosha, if you are reading, start blogging. I'll read your stuff.

And on a completely different tangent but sort of related to the picture...
My face will grace a porcelain sculpture of a toddler "Miss Congeniality". I had to wear really insane make up with big falsie eyelashes - it's a send up of those Toddlers and Tiaras pageants, and as the artist, Robyn Hosking said, "the adultification of children."