17 May 2012

April Gertler

Sandra loved her salami.
A5, found photographs, graphite
©2009 April Gertler
I love April Gertler's collages. There is something wildly funny and a little unsettling about them. She's a German born, California-raised Berliner, and she's got a deft touch with a pair of snippers. I think it takes cohones to rip into an old photograph (found or inherited) and subvert it like this.

Emerging Writers' Festival

Gearing up for the Emerging Writers' Festival. I've been calling it my 'coming out' as a poet.
You can see me perform alongside Matt Blackwood and Sophia Chapman.

16 May 2012

time capsule

A time capsule letter, sent to me a year after I wrote it at an exhibition at Abbotsford Convent. I struggled with the mechanics of the wilful typewriter. I'm not sure which personas I am inhabiting here but it made me guffaw and sigh by turn. I hide little keepsakes to find at later dates. There is one cheap envelope with 'Open in year 2000' on it. It contains a lock of my hair from when I was 12. I keep everything like this locked up in a red Samsonite suitcase from, me thinks, the '60s.

My very best love dove, Wanda, is away in Paris for two months. She has a residency at the Cite de Arts. I am not kidding you, her apartment has a view onto Notre Dame. I lived for two weeks in a 16 euro a night hotel in Montmatre when I was 20. I had a view of a brick wall and a communal shower/toilet block, and still I felt like I was somewhere. 

As summer approaches the northern hemisphere, I get melancholy remembering some of the dream bright excursions I have made abroad. Sometimes, just quietly, Australia feel so so small and fragile. You have to keep everything the right way up or it will tip over and break. 

06 May 2012

Melbourne poet society

Since their inception, cafés have been meeting places for scheming revolutionaries, rendezvousing lovers and the creative avant-garde alike.

   A great café is more than the sum of its parts - a cup of coffee, a hot meal and a place to consume it. Whether it’s the décor, the ambience or something intangible, like the idea that we are more than what we eat, we need places that nourish our minds – not just our bodies. Thanks in part to the caffeine and people-watching opportunities, cafés are also stimulating places to work. 

                  I came to The Moat Café as resident poet. Australian Poetry decided to give me the opportunity, over six months, to pen words at The Moat and mingle with the public (in an official capacity of course). The Australia-wide Café Poet program is doing its bit to reinstate the idea that cafes are important cultural meeting places. 

                  The Wheeler Centre, which houses the AP office and The Moat, is a handsome 19th-century bluestone building. Sitting just above subterranean level, The Moat has romance - between the red walls and their slight revolutionary wink and the overall nod to nostalgia. If I squint, (and I may be taking a bit of poetic licence here), I can almost see the Stray Dog Café – a St Petersburg institution that hosted the Acmeist poets.

To read the full article - stay tuned for the launch of Essentials Magazine iPad app... it's pretty sexy. 

Varia Karipoff will be the resident Café Poet from June through November.

May 30, 2012, 3 pm

The Moat Cafe
The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia, 3000

Come along for a relaxing afternoon in The Wheeler Centre’s Café, The Moat.
Current cafe poets will talk of their experiences and read poetry, and we launch a brand new cafe poet at the Moat.