23 August 2014

Deep South

The only important things 
I have written
were to you

Ada or Ardor
Heirs and Herren
His and Hers, terry towel shorts
The Deep South, the Tasman Sea
Yours and Mine and Ours
Wirey-limbed boys with feet kinda funny out
Rehab man, Frenchman, no man's land

but great dames, chugging down the Mississippi 
and on diesel trains in Eastern Europe, 
all of it, all of it
The Carpathians, the book shelves in apartment blocks, 
the piano lessons
admonitions at train stations
Prayers sewn into our clothes when running from it, 
all of it
Your stupid duvet cover and sitting on the stoop on the upper west side

I don't know where you are now after ten years
but we will make it,
if not as writers or saints,
or women of letters; of note, or standing
then as humans